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SMLHuang Qiang, Vice-mayor visited CCRE Group

  In the afternoon of April 18, the vice mayor of Xiamen, Huang Qiang led the relevant department heads came to the sea-wing groups and their core business - Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. to carry out research to learn more about businessproduction and operation, to study and solve problems in the development of enterprises.

  Listened to the sea-wing Group chairman Guo Qingquan and shares of Xiamen Engineering, King Long Motor person in charge of reporting on the business development of the Huang Qiang, vice mayor of an important speech. He said that the sea wing of the leadership group and the staff extremely difficult industry conditions and competition in the market environment for enterprise development and hard work is not easy. He asked the companies to strengthen their confidence and courage to face difficulties, attaches great importance to the shortcomings and take positive and effective measures, continue to crack problems in the process ahead; to act decisively to deal with, going all out, turning crises into opportunities, to overcome the industry's difficulties organic integration to solve business problems into consideration, be inspired to do the work; to strengthen management, continuous efforts of management and technological innovation, control costs, optimize processes, and integration of resources, boldly introduces a number of master new knowledge, with new ideas talents to create a good environment of the guest, and educating people, adults, business has been a fundamental development.

  Huang Qiang, vice mayor and relevant government departments to study policies and measures to strengthen the tracking service, because of the prices applied policy, try to do the work of coordination and services for enterprise development, create a good living and development environment for the enterprise to solve problems, to help promote enterprise developments. (Group Integrated Office)