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Business Information Position:

Xiamen Electrical Group Co., Ltd. competitive tender notice

     Project Name: Engineering Group and Xiamen Engineering Information System ERP project software purchase  

  The procurement Name: Xiamen Mechanical & Electrical Group Co., Ltd. 

  File release date: November 7 to November 10, 2008 

  Submit documents deadline: November 15, 2008 

  Address: Hexiang Road, Xiamen City on the 11th Engineering Group Investment & Development Department (eighth floor) 

  Tel :0592-5897262 

  Contact: Xu Tao, Han Zhangwei 

  Procurement method: competitive invitation to tender 

  Purchase Quantity: 1 set of requirements are detailed in the tender documents 

  Supplier qualification: Where in the People's Republic of China registered production or agent of this product, to recognize and fulfill the documentation requirements for manufacturers or distributors are eligible to participate. 

  Xiamen Electrical Group Co., Ltd. 

  November 2008