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SMLGolden Dragon "wisdom school bus" off the assembly line

  February 4, the KLM Department "smart school bus" in Xiamen Jimei off the assembly line, equipped with Golden Dragon wisdom school bus operations management system ", hence the name" wisdom of the school bus. Dragon wisdom school bus operations management system, "the day-to-day operational management of the school bus implementation of the intelligent monitoring, in order to effectively break the crux of the current school bus safety incidents, to provide security for Chinese children. It is reported that the series of school bus will be held on February 15, 2012 the first seminar on the development of school bus and International school bus exhibition was officially unveiled.

  School bus products in the entire department, including the newly developed design XMQ6900ASD4 models, the car follows the design philosophy of "safety first" American long-nose styling, the reach design of this engine in the vehicle the entire surface of maximize the absorption of impact energy in the collision, dramatically reducing the impact the impact of the passenger area, effectively enhance the performance of school bus safety, protect the driver and the safety of students.

  Active use of independent research and development of active and passive safety technology to improve school bus safety factor is the highlight of the Kinglong new school bus. According to reports, before the new school bus equipped with a proximity warning system, collision / rollover alarm system, 360 ?panoramic view of looking around the system and other advanced technologies, which is the Kinglong post-doctoral scientific research workstation in the industry first technology will be the first in the school bus on the application.

  In addition to the upgrading of safety standards, through the full use of the car networking technology Kinglong new school bus ahead of other similar products on the domestic aspects of the operation, monitoring the degree of intelligence. Kinglong technical director Zhoufang Ming said: "We believe that when considering the safety of the school bus, on the one hand, the safety of the school bus body design issues, on the other hand, China's current school bus, the most pressing need to address the more important The proposition is the management of the school bus. dragon wisdom 'vehicles networking' school bus operations management system, so that the dragon wisdom school bus to meet the full range of students, parents, drivers, schools, the carrier unit, regulators six areas aspirations ".

  According to reports, the "dragon of wisdom school bus operations management system" is currently the most advanced school bus remote management and monitoring system is also a big dragon to create the core of the "wisdom of the school bus. The system can be on the school board the number of guests, the operational status of the real-time location monitoring to effectively prevent vehicle overloading, speeding; via SMS alerts, etc., in a timely manner to the regulatory authorities, schools and parents informed of student's position, so that all parties in a timely manner, and convenient understanding of the students a safe condition; vehicle's unique weather forecast broadcast alerts, and disaster warning alarm, rain, fog, landslides and other natural disasters in a timely manner to ensure the safety of the vehicle. According to projections, the system can avoid 70% of school bus safety incidents.

  February 3, the vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering Lu to visit a large dragon inspection, but also the advanced features of the dragon wisdom school bus operations management system, "affirmed. He said: "the integration of electronic technology and vehicle networking technology to the passenger, provide a complete system solution for the safe operation of this idea is very good, which is of great significance for improving the operational safety of the dedicated school bus to protect Chinese students to travel. "

  The Kinglong Xiamen, Fujian excellence School, Xiamen Eiken kindergartens, cooperation, more than vehicles equipped with Golden Dragon wisdom school bus operations management system "wisdom school bus will be put into use recently. (KLM)